Raised Toilet Seats

Raised toilet seats make it easier to transition on and off a toilet.  They are usually placed on top of the toilet and give a lift of anywhere between 2 -6 inches in height.  A raised toilet seat means the user will not have to bend as much and will make standing easier and safer.

A few things to consider:

  • Height: how much height do you need?  The seat can add anywhere between 2-6 inches in height to your toilet so it is important to consider how tall of a seat you require that will allow you to reduce bending but still let you keep your feet on the ground when you are sitting.  You should not have to perch on the seat in order to keep your feet steady on the ground
  • Arms: Do you need arm support on the toilet seat itself?  Will you be using a toilet safety frame that bolts into the back of your toilet seat?   Arms on the toilet seat are closer together than using one without arms together with a toilet safety frame.
  • Style: Do you need a round seat or an elongated one- it must match the style of your toilet bowl.  Do you require one with that locks to the toilet bowl or will one that perches on the bowl suffice?

Raised toilet seats are another cost effective product to remain safe in the bathroom!

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