Bathroom Safety - Shower Chairs

Choosing a bath chair or stool:

When standing in the shower or getting in and out of the bathtub has become a challenge or unsafe, it may be time to consider purchasing a bath chair or stool.  Bath chairs, also known as shower chairs, are specifically made to be exposed to water and slippery surface areas.  They are often made with adjustable height legs to fit to the individual and constructed out of rust resistant metal or plastic. 

There are many styles available as well as colors but there are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Weight capacity- each product should indicate the maximum amount of weight it can accomodate
  • Size- make sure to measure the space the item will be going into, there are various options, including three and four legs, as well as wheeled options for roll in showers
  • Back or no back- is a back preferred or required for additional comfort and/ or safety
  • Accessories- would arms on the chair be helpful? What about padding or space to hold personal care items?
  • Are there additional items that would assist as well- such as a handheld shower, bath mats or treads, grab bars?

No matter which option you chose, staying safe in your bathroom is of primary importance.

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